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Contract worker of JBF Petrochemicals Company attempts suicide for delay in salary

Published On : 25 Nov 2018

Mangaluru: A contract worker attached to JBF Petrochemicals Company attempted suicide for delay in receipt of his salary. JBF Petrochemical Company, located within the limits of SEZ, had failed to pay salaries to its employees and contract workers since one year. Employees and contract workers had knocked the doors of the concerned officials regarding this issue, but there was no response from the management.

Sanjay Yadav (35), who hails from Bihar, is a contact worker at JBF Company. Sanjay had not received his salary since four months due to which he was mentally stressed. Sanjay Yadav threatened the officials by attempting suicide after climbing the chimney tower inside the company.

Sanjay Yadav was desperately in need of money for his sister’s wedding and decided to take this step. Later company officials from Mangaluru and concerned people visited the spot and convinced Sanjay Yadav not to take extreme step like this.

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