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Dr G Parameshwara says electric buses to replace diesel buses in next five years

Published On : 30 Aug 2018

Bengaluru: Deputy chief minister Dr G Parameshwara revealed that all diesel transport buses in the city will be replaced by electric buses over the next five years. Dr Parameshwara said the city has become the main focus point in last two decades and had shown rapid progress in various fields such as Aerospace, Information Technology and Biotechnology, Industry, Science and Research.

Over 70 lac vehicles plied on the city roads everyday besides over 6000 vehicles belonging to Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation. Majority of these vehicles run on diesel resulting in large scale smoke pollution. As a result, he said introduction of electric buses would be a better solution and considerably reduce pollution.

The deputy chief minister hoped the event would result in more investments in the transport sector with a large number of participation by various countries such as China, Korea, Australia and Belgium which had also engaged in technology transfer.

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