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Fake journalist arrested by police

Published On : 27 Sep 2018

Beltangady: A person who used to falsely project himself as a journalist was taken into custody by the police from Neria. Satish from Patrame in Kokkada village used to claim himself to be a reporter of BTV news channel and misled people. It is said that he also used to collect Rs 15,000 to 30,000 from illegal sand transporters by pressurizing them.

Satish had been misrepresenting himself and intimidate sand transporters by threatening to expose their wrongdoings since the last several weeks. There is information that Satish also claimed to be representing BTV, TV 9 and some other news channels. His modus operandi was to visit areas where sand is stocked and threaten those involved thereto.

He was caught red-handed on the evening of Wednesday. He is currently in the custody of Dharmasthala police.

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