Sunday 16th, December 2018
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Moral policing is back in Mangaluru

Published On : 12 Jan 2018

Mangaluru: It looks like there has been no effect on moral policing even after so mnay cases against. A young man and a woman belonging to different faiths who were seen near Kulai, Suratkal on Thursday were pulled up by the Bajrangdal activists and handed over to the police.

A youth named Safan (21) from Thota Bengre had arrived at a relative’s house of his at Kulai Kavinakallu along with a girl from Mangaladevi. Getting hint of the same, Hindu activists arrived at the place and questioned them.

It is said initially the two gave vague replies and later told that they had come to Safan’s relative’s place during lunch time and both work for a mall in Mangaluru. However, later when the police summoned the girl’s parents it came to light that the girl had a weekly off on Thursday and had left home saying she had to buy clothes. The girl has been let off with a warning.

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