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Person declared dead wakes up alive!!

Published On : 10 Aug 2018

Udupi: A person who appeared dead, woke up and walked without any support when the ambulance taking him reached the hospital. The said person had alcoholic drinks at a bar near Kota and was riding pillion with his friend. He and his friend were driving in the wrong direction of the road and a truck hit their bike when they tried to cross the road at Moorukai.

Due to the impact of the collision, the said person was thrown onto the road and was bleeding heavily. The ambulance who visited the spot picked up the injured took him to the hospital in Brahmavar.

When the ambulance reached the hospital, the injured alcoholic person, who appeared to be dead, suddenly got up when the door of the ambulance was opened and walked into the hospital without any aide. He has informed the people that his name is Vasant.

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