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Priest attacked for misbehaving with woman in bus

Published On : 23 Dec 2018

Udupi: A woman passenger of a bus attacked a priest at Kota on Friday.The woman, who was travelling by a private bus, has accused the priest of behaving indecently with her. The woman, after work hours, was travelling back to Kota from the city. Mohammed Sameed (29), who is said to be a priest of a mosque and resident of Thokkottu near Mangaluru, who was in the same bus, is said to have behaved with the woman in an improper manner.

He continued with his overtures even after the woman warmed him against it. As he did not relent from his antics, the woman began to gather support of people. By then the bus had reached Moorukai in Kota. The priest, smelling trouble, got down from the bus hurriedly and began to scamper away. The woman followed him out of the bus and began to hit him. The locals came in support of the woman and beat up the priest.

A case was registered against the priest in Kota police station.

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