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Thief rapes woman on Deepavali day

Published On : 12 Nov 2018

Bengaluru: In a shocking incident, a thief who broke into a Bengaluru house with an intention to steal, raped a woman after finding her alone. The 33-year-old woman was alone in her rented residence in Manjunathnagar.

The thief gained entry into the house at around 9.30 pm and bolted the main door from front. He then attacked the woman, gagged her and took her to the bedroom where she was sexually assaulted. The thief could be between 15 to 28 years. She tried to resist his attempts, but ultimately passed out due to trauma.

The thief before fleeing ransacked the house and took the woman’s cell phone, valuables in the house and also ate chocolates from the refrigerator and took away a pickle bottles.

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