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Two arrested for printing fake currency notes

Published On : 26 Dec 2018

Belagavi: The Belagavi police arrested two people who had printed fake currency notes with a face value of over Rs 1 crore and were planning to circulate them. Asif Shaikh, who has worked for four years in Dubai had returned to Belagavi. He was well versed with computers, designing software and printing.

Police received a tip-off that Asif had printed fake currency notes and was heading towards Sri Nagar to hand it over to a self-styled social worker Rafiq Desai for circulation. Desai who is known to feed patients at the district hospital as part of his social service was waiting for Shaikh, unaware that the police had laid a trap.

Shaikh came to meet Desai on a scooter and handed over a bag containing 50 bundles of fake currency notes with Rs 2000 face value. The cops caught them red-handed. During interrogation, Desai confessed that Shaikh had designed the notes using CorelDraw software and printer. Police then seized the equipment from Shaikh’s residence in presence of witnesses.

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