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Ambulance meets with accident; three dead

Published On : 27 Oct 2018

Kundapur: An ambulance carrying a patient and some others went out of control of the driver and met with an accident after a tankecollided with it. In this tragic accident, three persons died on the spot while two others suffered serious injuries. The accident occurred on national highway 66 at Kota Manuru.

Shailesh (39) Ashok Isram (37) and Ullas (48) are the deceased. Arvind, Sarita and Raghavendra are the injured, who are admitted in hospitals.

The ambulance was carrying a patient from Karwar to A J Hospital Mangaluru. When passing through Kota Manuru, the driver lost control over the vehicle after which it hit the road divider, jumped over it, and got deposited on the other side of the highway on which vehicles were moving towards the opposite direction. Instantly, a bullet tanker which was coming from the direction of Mangaluru crushed the ambulance under its weight.

The ambulance had six persons including the patient and the driver. As the tanker scaled the fallen ambulance, three lost their lives on the spot, while two others suffered serious injuries. The ambulance driver however had a miraculous escape. He only suffered minor nicks and cuts.

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