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Ayurveda physician Dr Kidiyooru Gururaj Bhagavath passes away

Published On : 10 Apr 2017

Udupi: Renowned Ayurveda physician Dr Kidiyooru Gururaj Bhagavath (82) passed away on Saturday following a heart attack. He is survived by his wife, four daughters and a son.

Dr Bhagavath hailed from a family of Ayurveda physicians. He had obtained formal education in Ayurveda and had also learnt about the several traditional medicines which his ancestors used to prepare and offered treatment for various eye related ailments. He even treated patients suffering from typhoid, arthritis, cancer and other ailments.

He had also conducted several eye treatment and fertility treatment camps. Dr Bhagavath was also the author of a book named ’Drivyaguna Saarasangraha’ for Ayurveda students and "Stree Purusha Swastha Chinthana" for newly weds.

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