Friday 14th, December 2018
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Bajarang Dal and VHP protest against murder of Deepak Rao

Published On : 05 Jan 2018

Mangaluru: VHP and Bajrang Dal leaders staged a road blockade near Besant Women's College close to PVS junction here. The VHP and Bajrang Dal were protesting against the murder of right-wing activist Deepak Rao in Katipalla.

The protestors raised slogans against the state government and alleged that Deepak was murdered as a result of the government's Anti-Hindu policy.

Addressing the protest, VHP leader M B Puranik said, "Congress is against the Hindu community. It is indirectly helping the terror groups to eliminate the Hindus. The state government is supporting only the minorities. It is not governing according to the tenets of our Constitution. Terror-backed groups have hijacked the government and now they are trying to eliminate Hindus."

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