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Cattle thieves try to attack forest guard

Published On : 06 Aug 2018

Sullia: Forest guards who were on patrolling duty at Aletti Reserve Forest fired in the air in self-defence when they were about to be attacked with swords by cattle thieves. One of the people, a native of Karike, who was in the pickup that had cattle in it, got admitted to the hospital in Kannur of Kerala alleging that he was injured due to the bullet fired by the forest guards. In addition, the cattle thieves have registered a case against the forest guards in the state of Kerala.

Five forest guards were on patrol as they received news that rosewood was being illegally transported from the limits of Aletti Reserve Forest situated at Karnataka - Kerala border. The guards noticed a pickup vehicle that was moving towards Kerala between 3 am to 4 .30 am during the early morning of Sunday and they waved at the pickup to stop for checking. However, the pickup van tried to escape. The forest guards chased the pickup in their vehicle and overtook the pickup at the curve at Pattukunja.

Immediately the inmates of the pickup got down and came forward to attack the forest guards with swords. When the forest guards fired in the air, in order to defend themselves, the people from the pickup escaped from the spot. There were three cows, swords and other lethal instruments in the pickup.

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