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Court announces two guilty for destroying house

Published On : 06 Jul 2018

Kundapur: The court announced that the charges of torching and destroying a house have been proved and that the quantum of sentence for the two found guilty would be pronounced on July 7. The court stated that the allegations levelled against Raghavendra Shetty and Rajendra Shetty were proved. They were charged with torching of a house belonging to Kushala Shetty at Aralikatte, Taggarse village, three years ago.

The two families had long-standing feud over ownership of certain land. On April 22, 2015, marriage of Kushala Shetty's son had been arranged in a marriage hall at Hemmady. Rajendra Shetty and Raghavendra Shetty, taking advantage of this opportunity, had broken open the lock of the house with an iron rod, heaped together things in the house like television set, refrigerator, tables, cots etc in the hall of the house and put the heap on fire after pouring kerosene.

The judge of the additional district and sessions court, Prakash Khanderi, who conducted hearing in the case, said that he would decide quantum of sentence to both on July 7.

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