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DGP discloses that Karnataka is becoming a sleeper cell of terrorists!!

Published On : 30 Sep 2018

Bengaluru: DGP Neelamani has disclosed that Karnataka is becoming the habitat of terrorists. She was speaking in a meeting of DGPs from South India, in which DGPs from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala and Puducherry had taken part.

“There is no problem of law and order in Karnataka. Assembly elections have concluded peacefully. Terrorist activities were not found on the surface. But members of Jamat Mujayin organisation of Bangladesh are arrested. It makes clear that there are terrorists in the state," she added.

“Similarly there are ISIS reporters too. Such network was traced in Tumakuru. SIMI organisation terrorists were based here. There should be further monitoring and nonstop operation for it. Therefore we should be very careful,” said DGP Neelamani Raju.

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