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Dead body of senior citizen found

Published On : 10 Oct 2017

Kundapur The lifeless body of a senior citizen from Ragihaklu village was found lying in a deserted stretch of forest behind Ashirvada Bar, Arehole village near Byndoor on Sunday morning.

The body was identified to be belonging to Narayan Naik (65) from Siddanamane in Ragihaklu, Heroor. Naik was heavily addicted to liquor. He had left his home on Saturday morning. At about 12 pm the same day, he had consumed liquor at Ashirvad Bar at Arehole,.Thereafter, he was not to be seen.

On Sunday morning, Naik's body was found lying in a desolate forest area owned by Mahadeva Manja. Narayan Naik's son, Raju Naik, said that after he lost a son a year ago all of a sudden, his father had become depressed.

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