Monday 22nd, April 2019
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EC siezes Rs 22 crores in poll-bound Karnataka

Published On : 16 Apr 2018

Bengaluru: The Election Commission's surveillance squads and police officials have seized over Rs 22 crore illegal cash since the model code of conduct was put in force on March 27 in poll-bound Karnataka, the state's Chief Electoral Officer said on Saturday.

"The EC squads and police authorities have so far seized cash over Rs 22.34 crore, besides 7.5kg gold valued at Rs 1.76 crore, unspecified amount of silver worth over Rs 12 lakh, 10 sarees and 160 laptops, among other items, for violation of the model code of conduct in force for the May 12 state legislative assembly election," said CEO Sanjiv Kumar in a statement here.

The Excise Department has so far seized 33,829 litres of liquor from the state, valued at about Rs 1.67 crore.

A total of 67,037 arms have been deposited with the officials since the enforcement of the poll code, which bans carrying of licensed arms during the model code period.

A total of 1,156 flying squads and 1,255 surveillance teams have been put in place in the state so far to ensure the code of conduct is adhered to.

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