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Electrical contractor sets clothes on fire for non payment of dues

Published On : 31 Oct 2018

Puttur: In a shocking incident, an electrical contractor set fire to the clothes hung by his customer in retaliation of non-payment of amount demanded by him and caused a loss of Rs 5,000.

Gopala Mugera had got wiring and obtained electric connection through electrical contractor Ashok Poojary and has paid Rs 11,500 for it. Contractor Ashok Poojary introduced accused Ganesh Kallagudde to Gopala. Ganesh demanded another Rs 4,000 from Gopala. Gopala asked why he should pay and refused to pay.

The accused came at 2.30 pm on October 29 to the house of complainant Gopala when nobody was around and set fire to the clothes hung for drying. Their neighbour Laxmi, who saw it, poured water on them and extinguished the fire. Clothes, electric meter board and roof which caught fire caused a loss of Rs 5,000. The accused has been arrested.

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