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Father Muller Hospital performs four major liver resections in one month

Published On : 05 Dec 2017

Mangaluru: Major liver resections are inherently complicated surgeries needing substantial surgical expertise and skill as well as long operative hours. These surgeries are performed for various indications such as cancer of the liver and certain non-cancerous diseases of the liver.

Four such cases were performed by the staff of the department of general surgery, Father Muller Medical College & Hospital across one month (October to November).

These patients were picked up from a very select pool of patients with three of them suffering from liver cancer and one patient suffering from a non-cancerous condition of the liver. The three of them underwent right liver lobe resection and the other patient a left liver lobe major resection. The patients have done well post-operatively.

Father Muller Hospital despite being the oldest has constantly upgraded itself staying on par with the best in the medical field. They have state of the art equipment, well equipped operation theatres, cutting edge intensive care and skilled anesthesiologists as well as specialty staff to help perform liver surgeries and offer world class peri-operative care at very affordable cost.

To further this initiative a Monday specialty clinic for liver disease in the general surgery OPD is offered where patients can avail consultations.

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