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Gau Raksha Dal to be formed in every village

Published On : 22 Jul 2018

Mangaluru: VHP leader Jagadish Shenava on behalf of Bajrang Dal condemned against 21 cow theft incidents which have come to light in Moodushedde area alone.

“In Moodushedde, thieves killed the dog and threatened the owner of the cattle and members of his house with lethal weapons. 15 cows have been stolen from a same home situated at Mukkacherry in Ullal since eight years. This proves that district police have utterly failed to control the cattle thieves and functioning of illegal cow slaughtering centres. The failure of police has forced us to take care of the protection of cattle and its owners," he added.

“But now the situation has gone from bad to worse. We have lost faith in the police. The cattle thieves have started to steal the cows from the cow sheds directly. They are threatening the owners of the cattle by brandishing lethal weapons. So as an immediate measure, we are going to form ‘Gau Raksha Dal’ in every village of Dakshina Kannada (DK) district. Each unit will have 15 to 20 members and they will patrol their respected areas.

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