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Get new smartphone by throwing your old phone!!!!

Published On : 01 Oct 2018

Udupi: Marketing is a key aspect today. You might have heard of various bizarre competitions in the world. But this one is trendy and unique. Roopesh from Goliangadi is organising a competition, wherein you have to simply throw any one or more of your used mobile as far as possible. The person, who throws his mobile phone the farthest, wins a brand new smartphone.

The competition will be held at the government pre-university college grounds near Goliangadi under the aegis of Goliangadi and Vandaru Mavinakatte Pragati Enterprises from 9 am to 5 pm onOctober 7.

According to the rules of the competition, anyone can compete without age or gender bar. The person has to throw the mobile as far as possible like one competes in shot put. One person can throw as many mobiles as possible. The only condition is that the phones once thrown will not be returned back to the thrower.

First prize would be a branded 4G smartphone and second prize will be an android mobile phone as per the information given by the organizers. The prizes will be given in the evening on the same day of the competition.

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