Monday 20th, August 2018
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Guddali puja of Kulshekar-Kannagudde road done

Published On : 05 Feb 2018

Mangaluru: The guddali puja for the long-awaited Kulshekar-Kannagudde road by MLA J R Lobo and mayor Kavita Sanil. It was long-pending demand of public regarding this road and finally through JR Lobo, the project is taking the first step towards fulfilment.

Addressing the gathering, J R Lobo said, "For the past 40 years, around two thousand people living in Kulshekar-Kannagudde area have been facing difficulties without a proper road. They are fed up of giving memorandums to officials regarding this. When I was elected, they collectively came to me requesting for a road. I went through their memorandum and planned to implement this project. The railway department objected to the road project. I then met many railway officials, attended their meetings and tried to convince them. I was finally successful."

Mayor Kavita Sanil said, "We all should thank J R Lobo for his tremendous, visionary development work. He has made the 40-year dream of the people of Kulshekar and Kannagudde area come true. No one had succeeded in implementing this project so far because of many hurdles and railway rules. But our MLA has acted wisely and within four years solved the issue of forty years."

The new road will be 1 km long streching from Kulshekar to Kannagudde. The road connects the areas of Umikana ground, Surya Nagar, Nooji, Saripalla, Pulire, Kalai, Frad Saibh Colony, Karphimar and Dekkadi. Once the project is complete, it will be extended up to 4 km to Kannur at a cost of Rs 10 crore.

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