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Honeytrap cases continue in Kudla

Published On : 22 Oct 2018

Mangaluru: A retired official was trapped by a cartel involved with honeytrap, and forced to part with three lac rupees. A woman from a massage parlour in the city got the official entangled in honeytrap in the guise of giving him massage. It is said that the woman was massaging the person in a house in Maryhill in the city when two young men illegally entered the house of the official, captured the footage of the two on video in the nude, and demanded for payment of ten lac rupees.

The official, who was shocked by this development, did not resist, and made payment of three lac rupees. The incident had happened on March 20, and Kavoor police got information about it sometime later. They contacted the official, and put together information, and arrested six persons.

During the investigation, it came to light that the cellphone the woman used to call the official for providing massage service belongs to a person working for city central branch (CCB) police. The city police commissioner had served notice to the employee, to which he is said to have explained that he knew the woman well in the past and therefore he had parted with his SIM for her use.

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