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Hotelier from Uchila dies in accident

Published On : 14 Dec 2018

Dharwad: In a tragic incident, Sameera Ramachandra Uchila (48) a hotelier from Uchila in the district, who owned Woodland Hotel, Hubballi, died under mysterious circumstances. Lifeless body of Sameera was found lying near the generator room of Akruthi Garden Apartment in Bhavani Nagar, where he resided, on Thursday morning.

The body, which appeared as if Sameera Uchila had collapsed to his knees, was seen by the security staff who then alerted the police. Sameera Uchila came to the apartment in his car from his restaurant at around 1 am on Wednesday night, as per CCTV footage.

His body does not bear any injury marks except scratch marks on the right side of his face, which apparently caused when the face brushed against the wall. It is said that about Rs 60,000 cash was found in his pocket. Sameera's father was from Uchila and Sameer was born and brought up at Hubballi.

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