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Ivan D Souza feels B S Yeddyurappa has become scapegoat

Published On : 30 Sep 2018

Mangaluru: MLC Ivan D Souza addressed media on Saturday and felt that former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa has become a scapegoat because of internal fights within BJP.

"BJP has attempted four times to make coalition government unstable, but they failed on all four occasions. The inner battle within the party has made Yeddyurappa a scapegoat. Inspite of getting an opportunity to run the government, they failed during the floor test and B S Yeddyurappa submitted resignation from his chief ministerial post. Still BJP is trying to make the coalition government unstable and have tried and failed in four such attempts.”

“B S Yeddyurappa is daydreaming on becoming chief minister again but it’s impossible for him and his dreams will remain unfulfilled. They have made 30+1 formula that is offering Rs 30 crore for one minister. They are trying to lure MLAs with money to run the government with illegal money. Public will surely them lesson," he added.

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