Sunday 16th, December 2018
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Ivan says BJP is playing double game

Published On : 11 Jan 2018

Mangaluru: MLC Ivan D’Souza held a press meet held at the District Congress office, Mallikatta and said that BJP is involving in double game to win assembly elections in Karntaka. Attacking Amit Shah he said, " Amit Shah had asked the BJP leaders to create unrest, go to jail, hold rasta roko’s and fight in the name of religion. They are not bothered about the development and the future. Amit Shah had directed the BJP leaders to create unrest, where there are murders to give religious colour and come to power. Amit Shah is known for violence and criminal activities. He should be banned to enter peace love state like Karnataka."

"BJP demands to ban SDPI but if Congress candidates contest the elections, the BJP makes friendship with the SDPI to field them against the Congress candidates by funding them. this shows the true colour of BJP. They are just using gimmicks to win elections, but people of Karnataka are not fools and they will teach them a lesson," he added.

He also praised the Congress government led by CM Siddaramaiah and expressed confidence that Congress will win more than 130 seats in the coming elections and will come to power.


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