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Junior assualted by seniors and warden

Published On : 07 Nov 2018

Kundapur: A junior female student was assaulted by a female warden and senior female students at Canara ECR College, near Koteshwar, Kundapur.

The student has been admitted to the hospital after the assault. Jyotsna (20) who hails from Andhra Pradesh is a student of BCA Aviation in the college. She was allegedly assaulted by hostel warden Anisha and third year BCA students Malu Karishma, Ateemule, Arya and Sanu.

Junior students have alleged that senior students and the warden have been harassing them almost on a daily basis. Jyotsna was assaulted as she opposed them. Jyotsna had submitted a written complaint to college chairman about the harassment in the college stating that she will leave the hostel. The warden and the senior students who were anguished because of the complaint had allegedly assaulted Jyotsna when she in the hostel room on Monday night.

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