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Kasargod Kannadigas to plan agitation against mandatory Malayalam policy

Published On : 19 Apr 2017

Kasargod: A meeting of pro-Kannada organisations held at Kumble City Hall on April 18, where it was resolved to launch a severe agitation opposing the Kerala government’s stance of imposing Malayalam by making it mandatory in the state

The new language policy of the state government was nothing but an attempt to impose Malayalam on Kannadigas of border district. The meeting was held under the presidentship of Karnataka Samithi President advocate Muralidhar Ballukuraya. The meeting resolved to take a delegation to the Kerala Chief Minister to apprise him of the constitutional rights of the minority Kannadigas of the border district.

It was also decided to include Kasargod district in-charge Minister Chandrashekhara who is also the state revenue minister as well as MLAs of the district in the delegation of border area Kannadigas.

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