Friday 14th, December 2018
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Kavita Sanil assures of no water problem in summer

Published On : 11 Jan 2018

Mangaluru: "Last year we succeeded in storing water to a height of 5 meter in Thumbe dam and it helped us to avoid water scarcity in the city. With the help of district administration and concerned authorities, this year we have succeeded in getting approval to store water to a height of 6 meter in the dam. So this year also we will not face water scarcity," said Kavita Sanil, mayor of Mangaluru.

"Tomorrow onwards we are starting to store water to a height of 6 meter in Thumbe dam. Due to the increase in height of water storage, 37 people of three villages have lost their agricultural land. The water is grabbing 50.88 acre of land which is situated in Sajipa, Pane Mangaluru and Bantwal Mooda villages. The cost of acquiring this land is valued at Rs 37 to 40 crore and the acquisition procedures are going on. Currently Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) has taken this land on lease from the villagers. We are giving Rs 19 lac to the landlords per year as compensation.

"I am thankful to the district administration, District-in-charge minister and government authorities for their help and support on the water issue. Water scarcity was the main challenge I faced when I took charge as the Mayor of this city. But with the help of my team I resolved it and succeeded in giving enough water to the city. So this year there will not be any threat of water scarcity. I am happy on this issue." she added.

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