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Licences of Ayurvedic therapy centres withdrawn by MCC

Published On : 28 Jul 2017

Mangaluru: Mayor Kavita Sanil said that Mangaluru City Corporation has withdrawn the licence of 17 Ayurvedic therapy centres in the city as they have been found using their licence for “other purposes”, She said that there was a mafia of skill game operators in the city. They operated skill game centres illegally and there were many such centres.

The Mayor said that she along with corporation officials raided a skill game centre near Falnir Road and sealed it on July 11 as it did not have licence from the corporation. But its operators broke open the seal and are now operating the centre stating that the court has granted permission.

A case has been registered with police against four persons for breaking open the seal. On the other hand, its operators have filed a counter complaint against the Mayor, Health Officer of the corporation and Mangaluru East Police Inspector for raiding the centre on July 11.

The Mayor said that she would not be cowed down by such actions. She added that the corporation could take action against such centres only for not obtaining trade licence. The police should take interest in curbing such activities.

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