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Male teacher attacks headmistress

Published On : 14 Oct 2018

Sullia: A CCTV footage of which is going viral on social sites, which shows a male teacher of a private high school attacking his female colleague in front of the frightened students, while she was taking the class to the students.

In the footage the tussle between the male and female teacher can be seen in the classroom itself. Subsequently, the male teacher pushes the female teacher out of the class. The male teacher, pushes two people who tried to prevent the assault. The girl students, who were witness to this ugly episode, got frightened and were tense.

Te male teacher teaches Hindi and the lady teacher with whom he behave in an ugly manner is the headmistress of the school. It is also learnt that the male teacher is warned numerous times by the administration committee of the school. This incident had taken place a week before and even got escalated to the police station.

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