Wednesday 21st, November 2018
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Man dies after seeing mortals of his mother

Published On : 06 Jul 2018

Bhatkal: In a tragic incident, a man who was unable to bear the sight of the lifeless body of his mother suffered from heart attack and collapsed. This incident happened at Madina Colony, Bhatkal.

Fakki Ismail Malpa (56) rushed home upon hearing about the death of his beloved mother, Shahar Banu Malpa (80). Shahar, who was ill since sometime, died of heart attack. Fakki Ismail Malpa, who came to know about his mother's demise, rushed home.

On reaching home and seeing the mortal remains of his mother, he suffered from heart attack and collapsed. Arrangements were made to take him immediately to a hospital at Mangaluru but Ismail breathed his last on the way.


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