Wednesday 22nd, August 2018
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Migrant worker killed with hoe

Published On : 11 Feb 2018

Udupi: In a tragic incident, a migrant worker of north Karnataka origin was murdered with a hoe. The murder happened at Vidyanagara on Achchada Road near Katapady. The body of the worker was found lying on a heap of sand by some locals on Sunday morning.

A hoe that was supposedly used to kill the man, and a sachet of curd that perhaps was being taken for dinner, were found lying by the side of the mortal remains of the worker. The identity of the man remains a mystery as local people do not know him. Personal enemity might be the reason behind this.

Police personnel of Katapady outpost are undertaking investigation. The police have summoned workers of north Karnataka origin living in the area in an effort to establish his identity.

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