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Murderer of senior citizen held

Published On : 14 Sep 2018

Sullia: The police arrested one person in connection with the recovery of the decomposed body of a senior citizen who was living alone at Pambethady near Panja, after it was found to be prima facie a case of murder. Relating to the death of Kalchare Subramanya Bhat (60), the police arrested the accused and produced him in the court . He was remanded to judicial custody for two weeks.

Ashiq, resident of Kodiyal Kalchada, who happens to be the arrested accused, has confessed to the crime. The police arrested the accused on the basis of the imprint of the tyres of a pickup vehicle left behind on the tarpaulin spread out in the courtyard of the deceased's house.

Ashiq had bludgeoned Bhat to death two days before the incident came to light. He later brought a few people including Vasanth, Deekshith, Laxmish and Pick-up owner, Vidyananda, falsely telling that Bhat had asked him to sell the stock of areca nut stored inside Bhat's house. He acted like conversing with Bhat over phone, went inside, loaded the areca nut into the pick-up truck and sold the same to a merchant from Kaniyoor.

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