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Palimaru Math Swamiji wants Ram Mandir to be built as soon as possible

Published On : 16 Nov 2018

Udupi: Seer of Palimaru Math Sri Vidhyadheeshatheertha Swamiji said that the situation today in Ayodhya is conducive to construct the Ram Mandir and everyone should come forward without showing laziness for this cause. Swamiji was speaking after inaugurating the office at the Yatri Nivas of Krishna math, of the 'Janagraha Sabhe', that is going to be held on December 2 by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), urging the construction of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya.

In his speech, Swamiji said, "During the abduction of Sita in Ramayana, Lord Ram could have gone to Lanka to fight against Ravana directly through Tamil Nadu. However, Lord Ram went to Lanka through Karnataka. so the role of people of Karnataka is vital in the construction of Ram Mandir. Everyone’s wishing to build Ram Mandir at Ayodhya, which is the birthplace of Lord Ram. However, nobody knows how to convey this to the parliament. So all of us have to unite in the 'Janagraha Sabhe' on December 2 and express our opinion with regards to the construction of Ram Mandir. It is possible to build Ram Mandir in this way."

"Ours is a democratic government. Here the citizens are the kings. The people who are ruling the country are also citizens. So whatever is there in the minds of the public should be proposed in the parliament." We believe that our country was ruled by Lord Ram. We offer pooja to Lord Ram, Krishna and Eshwar. All of these are places of reverence for us. Let an emergency bill be presented in the parliament with regards to the construction of the Ram Mandir. Let the Mandir be built lawfully. Our demand is that Ram Mandir should be constructed regardless of any political party occupying the power," the Swamiji added.

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