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Police confiscate 500 kg of illegally hoarded rice

Published On : 16 Oct 2018

Karkala: Police confiscated 500 kgs of rice while it was being transported illegally on Monday. The rice was meant for distribution to ration card holders under Annabhagya scheme. Police have arrested two suspects and confiscated the auto-rickshaw that was being used for transporting the rice.

Miyar Jodukatte ration shop owner Jeevandhar Jain and auto-rickshaw driver Baburaya Pai are the arrested. The operation was conducted in front of Nagesh Traders, Karkala on Monday after receiving definite information. It is said that Baburaya Pai was transporting the rice in ten bags weighing 50 kg each on instructions from ration shop owners Jeevandhar Jain to sell it to wholesale grocery shop in Car Street at higher rates.

People have urged that the deputy commissioner should order an inquiry in this regard.

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