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Priyanka goes missing again from Ashram

Published On : 03 Feb 2018

Puttur: Priyanka, who was staying in an Ashram has disappeared again. Priyanka from Daregudde near Moodbidri was in news after she had run away to Mumbai with her boyfriend from another community a day before her marriage was fixed with another man. She had fled with gold ornaments after serving intoxicated soft drink to her family members. Priyanka was tracked after some days in Mumbai by Moodbidri police and the ornaments were recovered.

A case was booked against her for intoxicating her family members. She was lodged in jail until December 29 when she was released on bail. She had not agreed to go to her family. She was later sent to an Ashram with the consent of her family for counselling.

But it looks like she wants to runite with her lover again and has again run away from Ashram.

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