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Public and police help broken down ambulance

Published On : 06 Sep 2018

Udupi: Public and police helped in saving the life of a patient by pushing manually the 108 Arogya Kavacha ambulance, that broke down on the road suddenly on Tuesday. At around 5.15 pm a seriously ill patient with a heart ailment was being transported through ‘108’ ambulance from Ajjarakad District Hospital to the Manipal Hospital.

The engine of the vehicle stopped suddenly near Kalsanka junction. It did not start even after repeated attempts by the driver to start the engine. The driver got helpless and confused. The relatives of the patient, who were sitting in the ambulance started to wail in a loud voice. Two traffic policemen who were on duty nearby started to push the ambulance manually. Locals who saw the policemen pushing the vehicle also joined in and helped to push the ambulance and subsequently the engine started.

Finally, the patient was admitted to the Manipal Hospital in time.


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