Sunday 21st, October 2018
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Rajashekarananda Swamiji of Vajradehi Math to contest on BJP ticket?

Published On : 03 Nov 2017

Mangaluru: Rajashekarananda Swamiji of Vajradehi Math has confirmed that he will be contesting in the next assembly election for BJP. The saffron party was considering the prospects of fielding a religious leader from coastal districts in the coming assembly election after taking a leaf out of Yogi Adiyanath's popularity in Uttar Pradesh as chief minister. The first choice for this was Vajradehi Swamiji.

Swamiji had said that he and the Math are not averse to the idea. He says that he is ready to serve political sector and he feels that Hindutva cause has been ignored in the state and he should do something for the cause.

But now the big question is whether BJP will give ticket to Rajashekarananda Swamiji. We will have to wait and see.


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