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Ramanath Rai attacks Nalin Kumar Kateel

Published On : 11 Nov 2018

Mangaluru: Former minister Ramanath Rai said that if Nalin Kumar Kateel, MP is unable to put pressure on the central government to prevent Vijaya Bank from merging with other banks, then he is as good as dead.

"The central government has merged a profit making bank like Vijaya Bank. People of our community have strived a lot to bring Vijaya Bank to the level where it stands today. Does the honourable MP have any knowledge of this?" questioned Ramanath Rai.

"A profit-making bank like Vijaya Bank is merged with Dena Bank. Vijaya Bank is one of the proud banks of our state. The BJP leaders, who raise their voices for each and everything, could not put in least of effort to prevent the bank from merging with other banks," fumed Ramanath Rai.

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