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Rare black leopard found in Karkala

Published On : 10 May 2017

Karkala: A rare black leopard was found in a well at Balehitlu, Hirgana in the wee hours of Monday. It is assumed that the animal while hunting for food at night lost balance and fell in the well. Forest officials in an operation which lasted for two hours succeeded in catching the leopard in a cage.

Rajaram Kadamba, the owner of the house where the well is located, heard some noise emanating from the well on Monday morning. On inspecting, he was shocked to see the black leopard fallen inside. Unable to come out of the well, the leopard was swimming and growling in the well. Rajaram then informed the forest department.

A large number of people gathered to see the rare animal. The forest officials prepared a ladder out of coconut leaves and dropped it into the well. The leopard climbed it immediately and was captured in the cage.

Forest officer Prakash Poojary said that black leopard was a rare sight in the region and was found only once earlier in Udupi. Medicine was administered to the animal. Sources in the forest department said that the animal would be left in reserve forest as per guidance from higher officials.


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