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Robbers loot 5 lac worth gold ornaments from house in Parladka

Published On : 03 Jul 2017

Puttur: A theft happened at Parladka has come to light with a delay of about a week. The family lost gold ornaments worth about five lac rupees. Thieves burgled the house of Abdul Hameed from Parladka when his family was not at home.The family members had locked the house and left for the house of a relative at Mangaluru on June 26. On their return in the evening, they found that the house had been burgled.

40 sovereigns of gold ornaments, some cellphones and wrist watch were stolen. A case about the theft was registered in the town police station here. Afreena, who had married six months back, lives with the parents of her husband in a rented house here. Her husband, Ummer Farooq, works in a foreign country. The theft happened when the family was away visiting relatives on the occasion of Eid.

Sniffer dogs and finger print experts were summoned. The dog led the investigators till the main road.

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