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SAC’s Hopkins Literary Club celebrates Literature Week

Published On : 04 Dec 2017

Mangaluru: Hopkins Literary Club of St Aloysius College (Autonomous) celebrated Literature Week from November 27 to 30 in the college premises. The theme for this year was ‘Ingenium – A Celebration of Talent’.

Four competitions were conducted – ‘Brevis’, short story or poem writing, ‘Comoedia’, standup comedy, ‘Oratio’, declamation, and ‘Parodia’, cosplay. The club also released ‘Alchemy – An Anthology of Thoughts’, a book containing stories and poems written by students and faculty of the college. The book was released by Andrew L D’Cunha, a Konkani poet and financial analyst, in the presence of Dr Ratan Tilak Mohunta, HOD English, Dr Sylvia Rego, president, Hopkins Literary Club, Nivedha N, Secretary, Hopkins Literary Club and the members.

The first competition, ‘Brevis’, featured short stories and poems within 15 words. More than 85 students participated in this event. The second competition, Comoedia, saw 15 students give the audience a good laugh for more than an hour and a half. ‘Oratio’, the third competition witnessed 12 participants declaim speeches of famous personalities like MalalaYosufzai, Martin Luther King Jr, Nehru and John F Kennedy. The final competition, ‘Parodia’, drew more than 10 participants who strutted their personas and won over the crowd.

‘Alchemy’ contains poems, stories and musings by the students and faculty of the college. Curated over the course of six months, each contribution has a piece of the authors’ heart and soul.

St Aloysius College is a 137 year old institution which is renowned in Mangalore for imparting quality education and values to students. The college believes in the importance of inculcating love for literature and the written word. This was incorporated in the founding of Hopkins Literary Club, an association for book lovers, writers, poets and connoisseurs of the written word. The club is named after Gerald Manley Hopkins, a Jesuit poet and author who was a well-known Victorian writer. The club strives to introduce more people to the reading habit, while appreciating fine literature and art forms.



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