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Student foil burglary bid in Puttur

Published On : 14 Apr 2018

Mangaluru: A girl, who woke up to the sound created by the movement of robbers, called her friends at midnight, who rushed to the spot in no time and managed to nab two burglars, while another two managed to escape.

Police said the incident took place at the house of Baby Poojary, near the Puttur main road. A group of four burglars came to their house, assuming that there was no one at home. To make sure that there was no one in the house, they started flashing a torch inside the house, without realizing that there were people inside.

The college student got alerted when she saw the flashing light. She immediately called her neighbours, but they did not respond since it was midnight and they were sleeping. She later dialled her classmates, who were studying for exams, and they reached the spot immediately.

When students tried to catch the robbers, there was tussle between the students and robbers. The burglars even tried to pelt stones on the students, but the students managed to catch two of them, while two others fled away.

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