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Tapta Mudra Dharana ritual held on occasion of Prathama Ekadashi

Published On : 05 Jul 2017

Udupi: “Tapta Mudra Dharana” ritual was held at the Sri Krishna Mutt on Tuesday. Vishwesha Teertha Swamiji of Paryaya Pejawar Math and Vishwa Prasanna Teertha, junior Swamiji, stamped the images of Shankha and Chakra on the chest and arms of devotees. These seals were earlier heated in the Sudarshana Homa at the temple.

The Chakra is stamped on the right arm, while the Shankha is stamped on the left arm. In Shiroor Math Lakshmivara Teertha Swamiji stamped the figures of “shanka” and “chakra” on the chest and arms of the devotees. Tapta Mudra Dharana was also held at the Krishnapur Math, where Vidyasagara Teertha Swamiji of Krishnapur Math stamped the Shankha and Chakra images on the devotees.

Tapta Mudra Dharana programme is held on the “Prathama Ekadashi”. It is believed that Mudra Dharana helps build resistance in the body against diseases.

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