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Teacher accused of sexually exploiting student arrested

Published On : 14 Dec 2018

Udupi: Prasad Kotian, who has been accused of sexually exploiting a minor girl student inside a classroom, stands arrested. District superintendent of police, Laxman Nimbargi, visited the school in question on Thursday. He questioned the teacher concerned, during which it is said that the accused confessed to his crime.

As neither the student nor her parents came forward to register a case, the police obtained a complaint from the head of the institution, and took the teacher into custody. The police said that the teacher would be produced in the court on Friday.

A video clip showing a teacher sexually exploiting a minor student in a classroom of an English medium school near Karkala has been making the rounds in social media. The teacher had himself recorded his sexual advances with a first PU student. Reportedly, the teacher has similar affairs with some other girls of the school. He also films what he does with the girl students inside the class room. There have been allegations that he poses threats to girl students who refuse to cooperate. Although there have been allegations against the teacher since sometime, the school management had not taken any action against him so far.

The school, which is located near Karkala, is said to belong a Swamiji from Hosmar. The indignation among the members of public is compounded in this case because a teacher who is expected to guide and lead the students towards what is right himself misled them inside the school. Many parents who have already admitted their daughters in this school and others who were planning to do so have turned jittery now. There has been a general sentiment against the teacher concerned, and demand for stern action against the accused by the school management. People wish that the lust-filled teacher be punished and the parents be careful to ensure that their children do not fall prey to such acts.

There are rumours that the teacher is in possession of video clips of his indulgence with three other girl students. The police have also named a local cable channel and web channel which transmitted the video clip in the case, as it falls under the provisions of Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act.

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