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Thieves rob from ord Parashurama temple in Kunjarugiri

Published On : 10 May 2018

Udupi: Even god has not been left by robbers now. Things worth Rs 4.40 lac were stolen from Lord Parashurama temple in Kunjarugiri in Kurkalu village near Shirva. The thieves apparently snapped the metal chain fixed to the main door. The thieves took away silver sheets fixed to the main frame and entrance to the sanctum sanctorum weighing about ten kg, which is worth four lac rupees.

They also took away a 15 gram golden eyelid of the Lord worth about Rs 35,000 and a silver chain valued at Rs 5,000.

The temple had acquired a silver sheet covering on the wooden door frames about 15 days back. The temple reportedly does not have CCTV cameras. A complaint about the theft was registered at Shirva police station and investigation has begun.

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