Thursday 23rd, May 2019
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Video clip of leader abusing students goes viral in social media

Published On : 11 Jun 2018

Puttur: A video clip thatshowing a student leader of a college assaulting two students in filmy style on two different occasions and verbally abusing them, has become viral on social media. After the district superintendent of police, who noticed this video, passed suitable instructions to the concerned, personnel of the town police station here took the youngster, now a past student, into custody for questioning.

The incident had happened in December last. The person who was taken into custody was Ajay Shetty from Kallimar here. The police are trying to extract the truth relating these two incidents from him. The video clips show Ajay Shetty, who was then a student of the college, thrashing two students on different occasions in the campus area of a college here, and hurling abuses at them. These videos were streamed through the social media recently.

As Ajay Shetty has not been revealing details about the incidents, the police have failed to detect the names of students who came under the said attacks.

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