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Water in Baje dam for only 25 days

Published On : 16 Apr 2018

Mangaluru: The amount of water in the dam is enough to meet the water requirements of the city for another 25 days. Last year, the river in most parts had gone dry on April 25,” said K. Ganesh, Assistant Engineer, Udupi City Municipal Council.

In the eventuality of the river drying up in most parts, the City Municipal Council will have to pin its hopes on about eight big holes in the river bed, which have stocks of water. But the rainfall in the surroundings of Karkala on April 13 has given some hopes to the City Municipal Council. It rained for nearly one-and-a-half hours near Karkala.

“We require another three more hours of rainfall in that belt and there would be inflow in the Swarna here. This will ease the water situation to a large extent,” he said.

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