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Will Siddaramaiah be sent to Central politics?

Published On : 02 Sep 2018

Bengaluru: Former CM Siddaramaiah is said to be thorn in the coalition government. State Congress leaders are of the opinion of transferring him to the national level politics of the Congress party. The state Congress leaders have proposed this idea to the Congress high command in order to avoid the nuisance to the coalition government due to the presence of Siddaramaiah in the state and also to relieve him from state politics in a dignified manner.

Siddaramaiah will be made as the star campaigner in the coming Lok Sabha elections. In addition, he will be forcefully made to contest as a candidate on Congress party ticket for the parliamentary election. Siddaramaiah is likely to be called for national politics duty as soon as the extension of the cabinet of ministers and the first-phase nomination for the board and corporations is completed.

Congress leaders have appraised Rahul Gandhi that there is a possibility that the coalition government may run into trouble after the Lok Sabha elections due to the confusion and chaos created by unnecessary statements, most of which are revolving around Siddaramaiah. In addition, chief minister Kumaraswamy who met Rahul Gandhi recently has also informed him about the developments of the state politics. So the high command has slated a simple formula to avoid any harm to the coalition government due to Siddaramaiah.

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