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St. Francis Assisi Church in City Vandalised

Published On : 23 Jan 2020

Bengaluru, Jan. 21: According to reports, some miscreants had barged into St. Francis Assisi Church, Satellite Town, Kengeri, near here, last night and have destroyed, damaged and vandalised the altar. They have also broken open the ‘Tabernacle’, the most sacred place (Sanctum Sanctorum) of the Catholic Church. The Holy Communion, the sacred species, was thrown and strewn all over the floor. It is, indeed, a great sacrilegious act, stated a press note released by Archbishop Peter Machado on January 21.

Archbishop Machado of Bengaluru said, “I am deeply disturbed and terribly shocked and also greatly grieved that desecration was done to Lord Jesus Christ who is present in the Holy Eucharist, which is kept in the Tabernacle in that church. A complaint has already been lodged at the local Police Station, and investigation is being conducted. A sacrilege and serious dishonour is done to Our Blessed Lord and Saviour is a matter of great concern not only to the Parishioners of St. Francis Assisi Parish but it also seriously affects the religious sentiments of all of us in the entire Archdiocese, and also all the members of the Catholic Community worldwide.”

The Archbishop has appealed to all the Churches of the Archdiocese to observe Friday, January 24, as ‘A Day of Reparation, to praise, worship and glorify the Eucharistic Lord in a very special way’. Dr Machado has requested the Parish Priests and Chaplains to expose the Blessed Sacrament for adoration on this day and keep it for at least 12 hours from morning till evening for public veneration in all the Churches and the Religious Houses of the Archdiocese.

Archbishop further stated that he is confident the police and investigative authorities would spare no efforts to bring to book the perpetrators of this heinous crime and also to find out what was the motive behind this ignominious deed.

C V Joseph

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